Saturday, November 19, 2011

eco marathon try run

Today training: “we train long run for next week coming eco marathon,
 Wong said: ‘later we run from stadium—pk –kdse –balai cerap(highest mountain in UTM!!!) --p19—ktc—kp(hill again)—stadium.’ I sing the song ‘..if I die young….’ I never run that long when training. Race can run is not same u know!
Alright…I still have to built up my mind to run. We start at 6pm, sun go down when I reach top of balai cerap. As my pace is not same with them, I m running alone in the darkness Fortunately, when I reach the top of balai cerap, I success to follow those two malay matter how hard also must follow them all along the road! Thanks God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I start to run faster than just now, yet I din feel very tired..! run ah.. run ah..when go up kp I leading again, I wonder my strong point is naik bukit!haha
Its totally dark when we reach stadium..ah..happy…today eco marathon trail run is happy ending..

Ps: time running must be carefully so that we wont like tareef, continuously fall down for two days.. 毕竟就算你再帅再美,跌倒还是很yu2丢脸的(重点竟然不是受伤!)

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