Saturday, August 11, 2012

1st week working

Erm.. I m a worker not yet an engineer; I m a learner, not yet an engineer, in STMicroelectronic Muar, manufacturing company.

Everyday wake up 630am MAKE UP to scare people and drive from merlimau to muar.. this week only learn about the company policies , safety healthy, quality excellent bla bla bla… during the class, most of us fall asleep.. its shame to say, me too…I create another new record for my sleeping history. When my friend trying to help me and give me a sweet to eat..when I open the paper wrap of that sweet, I fall asleep while holding that half open sweet…orz…she laugh nonstop when see this amazing kusom m i..
Thanks God, Friday we get into our own department.. My manager give me a very thick file to goodness, the office is so silence, everyone is going to production line busy theirs and left me to read that thick file.. again, I feel sleep..i cannot I cannot..I am working now!!! LUCKILY, I found a new way to make me stay awake.. thanks God, I finish read those related and important document using…haha.. btw, heard that my department is all very nice people.. esp that secretary who very love me..coz she say I m very PRETTY like Pilipino!!! Hahaha!!! Should I happy?? Here is not as I think..its many youngster , handsome and add one more..haha..

I looking forward to learn more next week!! its tired, but I think I will use to it..

P/s: kusom sis, I purposely write this for u ok!! How u gonna treat me? Haha, I m so good enough to highlight Important point for u ok..haha.. It’s had been a long time I din write in English..are u sure if I write in English you won’t misunderstand? Hmm…I miss u chance to sit your motor to training anymore.. so miss those time ya.. u gonna ask somebody to replace my seat soon right..T.T

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