Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sukma 赛情

Sukma 啊。。。 我静悄悄的来,正如我静悄悄的去,我甩一甩头发,不带走一面奖牌。。

从一开始只希望可以进到masum的我,竟然跑着跑着跑到了sukma的跑道上。这是我人生中的第一次,也是唯一一次。blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com感谢主如此的恩待我,谢谢父母的付出,谢谢伯乐kakithon, 谢谢蝴蝶教练 (此时,要是我在奥斯卡典礼上,麦克风会被调到无声,不让我再谢下去)


My first 5000m at track

This is the event which coach said I got the biggest chance to fight for bronze. However, got black horse from Sarawak..hehe..then I only manage to run No.5 with 21min++. The pretty and tiny than me de runner Melinder Kaur is the champion with the timing that break the game record 17min++.

1500m ~~~

I only can say, 1500m is not my cup of tea.我根本就不懂为何他们要我进这项.I don’t have the strength and power to run speed for 1500m..hehe..Finally, I get No 2 , count from behind (wahahah).. 这还不止,I once again get people potong at the finishing line 80m, AGAIN! ..why my nasib so malang, always have to bear this kinda bad feeling of get others potong at the

While everyone tell me “nevermind, nvm , you had done your best”..i know that I had make them disappointed, and I still feel quite down with their 安慰。When I walk through the terowong, a man walk very fast come to me, he shake my hand and congraz me “Ting, very good!very good! See, your timing improve 20s, wah, very good, don’t worry ya…..”..This man is my coach Ramachandran. He never let us down but encourage. His word is comforting and touching.

My first 3000m steeplechase

I never practice on how to jump hurdle or get in the water. First try is at Sukma. How amazing is it. First hurdle, my body lose the balance and I almost fell down, the crowed “wow~” when they saw me almost fell was so, come to the jump water part..peh..after jump in, so so hard to climb out..walao..although karthik tell me cannot step on that ‘water hill’ with both leg together, but I just cant do it at that moment. Everytime when jump into the water, I waste a lot a lot of time. And I get people potong at the jump water I get No.4( the most 按敢placing )with the timing 13min40s+,haha..For me I still ok and quite happy as it is the very 刺激 and 好玩。But, seem like others is more Amkan for


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