Friday, September 10, 2010

happy aidilfitri 2010

i m so happy that today get to visit my Malay fren's house. I thought today is the first day, suppose they need to layan their relative, who know, my good fren in secondary school tell me he is free, say i can visit him today..ya so happy can meet him..ah ha..although we come out from the same class, but after form five,our nasib is very different..haha..i m glad that my fren can get such a high salary job and travel around the world and the most important is he like his job. although he become a bit cool, i still can feel warm from the connection between us.
And..the most fantastic thing of today Raya visit is...the food!!! OMG..very nice..they treat us with ketupat, rendang ayam,got a rempah i forget its name,start with SeXXXX and the most delicoius is the kari that cook with kacang(like satay kuah,but is yummy than that) and got beef inside..waaoohh..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comnice nice...
appreciate the time that spend with them..miss the moment that we laughing,studying,sharing in alpha

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