Saturday, November 20, 2010

180 degree change..

This morning is very happy of meet pama..very good mood and 期待b4 they come and very happy although we just meet around 3 hour..we just simply go to Umall, although the place is so simple, feel so warm when we walk together,go see the pet,cinema,lunch..papa still so humor and make me laugh all the is so short..they ask me to9 wanna go jb want to meet his fren. i din follow them, coz i know pa sure will chat till very late..i wanna rest and study at room..

finally,i end up with go to jb celebrate my fren birthday because i tak sampai hati when my friend keep ask me..then,i miss my pama so much..i so regret tat i din chose the most precious choice which is go to spend my time with them..i angry myself..i m angry without reason..i m very bad mood now..i angry that everytime i got something that my heart dun want,i wont say out,i just tell myself dun make trouble to others, n i end up with angry to myself. i tell myself i wont let this kind of things happen again,yet i fail to do it..!i m angry..


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