Monday, January 3, 2011

first training for 20102011/2

today, i din go city square with friends..coz i wanna go to meet kakithoner..hehe..i not regret of do this decision..
feel very happy of training and gathering today..frankly,i salute to final year wx and yw who still consistence come to training with us.and lim kor who is such a 大人物 also often join us once he got free,steady!
Today we slow jog from ktho to SUB,i feel the pace is very very slow..and i can feel how they train up me last time.they are so patience to use this pace to train me up last time.
then we train for kl towerthon..hoho..very excited when heard of kl towerthon..that is a very great event!and UTM are defending champion for last two years..hiak hiak, and last year,God bless,i get 7th placing with rm500..their reward is so so lumayan..
we climb sub staircase till the top of the building then climb fkm till the top,like this run and climb several times..feel a bit tough and challenging!but..i m lovin it! hehe..


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