Saturday, March 5, 2011

larian mesra campus 2011

Early morning I go to join mesra campus run 2011. As usual,they would like to waste time,waste waste waste…say 7am,then 830am just start to run…without Ida,my competitor is only——goh li ting(myself)..At first, I run quite slow and side by side with JIHA, but jiha scold me to potong her dun follow her …and others gal is quite far away from me…haiz…无敌最寂寞呀(哈哈哈,无力停!!不要窜!!!,I potong those guy who start run before gal………potong potong potong…

and 9min12s,I reach..easy run..thanks n glory to the God..! then waste time to wait for the prize..but, tak tahan tunggu anymore..just ask a stranger who stay in kdse take it on behalf of me..

UTM is sooooo kedekut,last year larian mesra got hamper somemore, this year…champion only get a L size T-shirt, and a bottle which mean quite useless to

After that,we kakithoner 非法de go pulai spring for swim..that place is soooooo…five star…nice nice…Sparkle


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ting said...

对咯,我的劲敌sheryl tan 你没去,多寂寞啊~ 看你这种样,应该是跑lingkaran ilmu 8min55s的啦~ 哈哈哈哈。。。

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