Sunday, June 26, 2011

tanjung malim 游油

I just come back from tanjung malim..haha..its a small village which is my fren lim swee mei’s homwtown..It is just a small town, but, as she said, there got nice food..! hoho..unlike my merlimau,harly to find any nice food except my house(

Fri night, we go for ikan bakar,lala,har mee…yummy..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comthen the 3color mee(made from dragon fruit color, pandan color),not bad too!

As there is not much thing to play there..we go for a jogging in the evening at proton city!!! Hahaha!!! Go tanjung malim also not forget my hobbies! Wow..there is a beautiful park,(but the road is uphill downhill ,around 30 degree steep, not good for leg indeed)..however, I very enjoy to run at the new place, hehe..!!


Aiz…very lazy to update my blog..recently is damm busy for my work,running,church activities,assignment…


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