Wednesday, September 21, 2011

11sept2011 (kukup+old kakithoner gathering)

It has been a long time I din come here for blogging. Actually I wish to leave my 150th post to my kuching n sibu trip..but.. I not write finish yet..:P
Well, I m back to UTM!! getting fatter and fatter here..sad to say that, I dun have consistence training since I come back utm.. Still in enjoying mood..Just come back from kukup yesterday. Big Thanks to 8233 geng for the invitation, it was a relax trip with lots of seafood that make my jeans become tighter.
Today I m happy to hear the good news that my kakithoner once again ‘conquer’ the kluang race..haha..all of them bring back $$$, all together rm700, wuhoo!!! Unfortunately I m not joining..
What the most happy is, I meet wei xiang and yien wei. Although this time not meet them in wearing vest condition, we having a nice dinner and good time at 113.They order a lot of foods, try to let our stomach pecah.!!
Tml gonna start my busy life…final year project, mini final year project 4th year lab, QQ camp..Hope that I can change my attitude toward my studies. .i wont think of I m 23 years old already,I wont go n find any target anymore..everthing, just, let it be~ turn my eye on God, HE  is Jehovah Jireh,He will prepare for me.


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