Sunday, October 16, 2011

Muar charity + the Zon run

Hectic octorber..!! I join race every week in this month!
 After adidas kotr, last week I go for Muar charity race,this week I go for The Zon JB race.
It’s second time I join Muar charity run with zaheen. The different is. This time, our kakithoner also come! This time, no Amelia Musa, no super great runner..haha…thanks God, I get champion!! http://www.emocutez.comWe are running under the rain syoknye!! Arg..i m lazy to discuss about how the race gone.. as a conclusion I m very enjoy in this race with full of laughter and great food treat by zaheen family..and thanks to my sis tareef who pace me at the finishing line. Finishing is my weakness in almost every race.but not for this time,hehe..(after the incident of Wong put too many ‘hehe’ in our kakithon blog,n we make fun on,I feel weird when every time I put hehe,feel like teasing him,hehe..) Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
Ow ya! I almost forget to mention. I m very cheerful get to know some of Melaka SkyHawk friend intro them to me..(er.. he say, I m quite famous, many people know me wor) hehe…After that, have a bunch of food at muar, wan tan mee ,fried oyster,otak-otak, satay..n a nice lime but ‘contented’ (physically n mentally)., early morning zaheen fetch us to the Zon race..previously, I wanna encourage zaheen to join n tareef to run I told them:‘nobody come this race one, sat got putrajaya night race, all elite runner will got there …’ Thus, I get shoot badly today..those crazy ppl..yesterday night go putrajaya, n rush to the zon race this morning at jb!
That penang kia which talking style totally like ah Ong(gan chau said) also Pia till jb! So do sheilla and her Indian geng..
Today, I run terrible, too fast at the beginning..that is not my style..n puncit at the end..
However, I end up this race with a cheerful heart!! Haha!!! What a wonderful race~!
Because….the organizer miscalculate the hamper. So women category no can this be,right..btw, i no need to sound out any single little complaint, let those who like to bising help us..haha.. finally, the organizer ask us go to The Zon hotel eat buffet while waiting for them to find the solution..woahahah.. http://www.emocutez.comas the situation is really out of control, n the organizer is dam good..they allow me to ask my kakithon fren come to have buffet together.. http://www.emocutez.comhaha..we have a wonderful lunch at the night place~!
Not forget to say, zaheen n I won a lucky draw(New York hotel steamboat buffet for two person) !!(Goh Li Ting get lucky draw??!!how can this be! Throughout my 23 years’ life, the probability for me to get lucky draw is 0.01% u know!) Besides that, another guy who get the lucky draw which is same to us don’t want his voucher as he stay outside Johor. Haha..we got six ppl can enjoy that voucher..yihoo…
Wow..God blessing so much yeah..! after spend the replacement voucher from the zon,we go back with a lot of crap inside the car.. Tuzki Bunny Emoticon


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