Sunday, August 1, 2010


that's why,after my race end at friend say he gonna go muar for tomorrow race, and i do the decision at that moment that --- I WANT GO HOME and join this race too..when i cycle back to my room,Its already 730pm..i call the organizer,call my daddy..b4 i go to bath,i ask jie ying help me call 8233geng that i cant join them for tonight bbq..pack my thing..750pm,jie ying fetch me go sri putri.8pm ticket..我觉得。。这决定也太冲动了,bcoz after utm road relay,i m quite tiring actually。。but ,when i saw my dad mum..i feel..its worthy for me to be 冲动。。
my伟大的papa no refuse my require..he fetch me at 4:15am go to muar for the race。n my mum,prepare my favorite breakfast——全麦面包+鸡蛋+芝士 for me to eat after the race..they are the person who support me the most..T.T
finally, i get no5 for this national charity run..thank God for everthing..He listen to my prayer when i run until right side stomach damm pain..may all the Glory to Him alone..


Z〥 Zen飞霜 said...

huiyo! Gratz! 5th gal! XD~
Now is time to rest liao la

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