Monday, August 23, 2010

recent running news

Yeah..waiting for raya now..en hem..but this sem,seem like very lack of interaction with malay friends,sob sob..(no delicious Malay's friends homemade cookies to eat liao)

I try to go back to my consistence running life. Recently,I always run alone..i just dunno why,when I pass through L22,ktho, I see no kakithoner there. So I just run myself these few day. I thought I m not fit already.but…When I run with average speed from kdse to p16,turun p16 then naik ktc until kp.It take friend say, my watch sure slower than others Yesterday, with a wonderful weather (like wanna raining but no rain)..i cycling twice to balai cerap, and run speed at the top hill feeling I strongly believe, when I try my best to training without the thinking of wanna ‘makan ular’,I just can feel the greatness from the hardship, and taste the greatness from the hardwork. It is same when I do other things in my life. Although I can’t manage to train six days per week now, but still not drop too much(I feel la)..erm..Nothing I can say except,Thank God for the talent.

Live happily as, Li Ting is God’s lovely daughter, for family and many people who love me.


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