Thursday, March 17, 2011

my first beep test

Today is the first time I do beep test..somebady can tell me why it call beep test? I guess is because of the beep beep sound lei..haha..

I wonder I could do better if I run with all my olahraga team member..coz..when I run until level 10,I ald feel a bit pai,coz that is so so so many ppl(all the other U-team membersss)look at only yien wei and me to run..and if I run lagi,until I run with the ‘kek sai’ face..ah..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comi cant imagine that!! So,when I feel a bit hard and just give up like that.. I m sorry to myself for this kinda attitude just now. I m looking forward for another chance for me to do it

btw,I thanks God that give me have this wonderful experience on beep test with a quite good result——


孤傲的王子 said...

haha..then congratulation :)

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