Monday, July 4, 2011


偶是医生,不过,不是医人,不是医心,是医治pcb board,hiak hiak!

I need to trouble shooting the ‘XL1000 board’ that have error and cannot pass the test. Well, what is XL1000? It is the device that we create it to use as door access system..bla..bla..

I m very thankful that I have the chance to do this task! At least it is not as boring as press a switch then wait for the programme to load. And the most important thing is..the 成就感 ,the satisfaction when successfully ‘cure’ a board.

Well, toubleshooting is the task that I had done for my sixth week for my intern life..and..i still strongly feel that..i not suitable to work as this type of engineer..


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