Tuesday, April 28, 2015

first week of second job

After New Zealand working holiday, I had been work more than ten jobs in my life.
But this is the second job which I really meant it, and I think it won’t be a short time I will be here.
I get my job smoothly after my one year explores, thanks God for His mercy toward me.
My company have two groups other than my groups; one is Myanmar group in front of me. One is Pilipino group beside me.  
Everyday I need to listen to their language, actually I think their language sound not bad, just like I listen to foreign language song. And some minority group like Denmark, European..
Oh Yes, there is fruits which is free to take every Monday. Unlike GE new zealand, the fruits put here in Singapore office need to chose and take it to your place, or else it will finish in one day.
There is a coffee machine which can make me stay awake (so far). I should Thanks God again for this wonderful machine.
Everyday I need to make myself fit into the mrt that full of human being. I imagine I am the molecule of Colgate/Darlie that success to stay until the last batch, and now I get squeeze squeeze.. Sometime I don’t need to hold the handle and no need to worry that I will fall down, there is no space for you to fall down at all. Everyone fitly lean against each other.
My job, ya, its kusom that my ex bf’s company is my customer, that make me feel awkward why I will get into this career path. We are the pity vendor. But I really enjoy my job. I can learn the project from 0 to 1. From design the network to configure and fix it in. I hope I won’t screw my company.
Finally I work something that I study before. It is all become so true now.
Disaster haven come to me (yet), so I still can make my Six o’clock policies running well (touch wood ). And sometime I just couldn’t “Tahan” to fall asleep in the Bus. I hope my cheeky friend Sheryl don’t have spy to take down my fall asleep’s photo, in fact she already have bundle of it.
Eight hour sitting in front of computer is mentally torture, eye persecute, health killing. I will buy a cactus next week, to absorb some radiation of computer and in remembrance of you AND can protecting me, perhaps it can be most useful when I fall asleep.

p/s kusom sis, finally I regenerate my blog for you. My English still the same after New Zealand. Good on me!


most handsome guy u sit back his motor said...

hahahah you kusom, im happy that u r working at something you enjoy. like you said try your best not to screw the company :p ..

about the mrt, no worry la you look like guy one. no one will touch you or molest you, unless he is gay !! hahahaha

xy said...

wuliting ni yu hui lai ler!!! wo ye hui lai ler!!!

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