Thursday, April 29, 2010


arrg...i dunno whether i should take part in 3000m steeplerchase o

just now i tell kakithon geng that SUKMA timetable come out --
5000m at 15 JUN
3000m steeplerchase at 17 JUN..

captain said:"no point u join 3000steeplerchase"
aiz..i dunno how to do decision indeed..

today training got a bit improve,hehe..
1000m *2
1st 1km = 3min

2nd 1km = 3min 54s

actually is quiet slow..but..i will work harder on it..

thank God for give me such a wonderful day n training time..


Alex said...

3min 54s Hmmm... too slow... Wahaha... i can walk faster than tat ooo~

ting said...

haha..of course u can..coz u r feng er can flying without mole..

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