Friday, April 30, 2010

gym training

Today GYM until I wanna ..

Firstly, we go jogging


This gym training so tough..i m so SIA SUEI there..


Got one action is naikan calf to belakang Lansung no strength..

I really do with my best, but still do slow n face emotion like KEK SAI

Besides that, after one action have to go out sliding, blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comSLIDING!!! After sliding straight go back continue another action.. get a cloth and a long pant for is M size blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comtoo big le!!!

Anyway..i really thank God that when I first start running, I run with kakithon that bertimbang rasa and very saying me who is the only

And when my wing keras, they just let me go..

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comah..thanks kakithon..

And now it’s just the right time for me to train with sukma people and still can stand on with


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