Wednesday, April 28, 2010

circuit = sikit = sakit

circuit training sound like..
zaheen: "sikit training..tapi hard"
coach rama: "sakit traning"... "ting..esok sakit dun blame me ya..hehehe"

hehe..thanks can done all 3 sets circuit
after 3set training..thought "wah..finally finish lor..can tarik nafas puas puas"..
oh no..i m not so easy lepas us :/
he ask us do speed run!!
luckily distance is around four tiang lampu i tahan run two time like this..timing coming back is 21s..

finally..release ..

very happy that today coach got praise me that my timing still ok n can done all three circuit..perhaps..the sky in UTM always crying(raining lar), make me cant go out run but always did circuit training n skipping during my final exam

today got introduce coach with daddy also..hehe..i got 38 dao oh..

very touch when daddy fetch me everyday..n mum who accompany me when i run at merlimau..T.T.. they are so supportive..May God bless them abundantly..

2 comments: u like..... said...

u been really lucky to have such supportive parents,while me frm last time till now,mum wasnt really support me about it,so do appreciate what u have!

ting said...

ya..i m very appreciate it.. T.T

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