Saturday, May 22, 2010


Yesterday training 200m * 10times.ah..Thanks God..although I feel my leg is heavy and muscle a bit stiff, I still manage to run 35- thanks God very happy to see my improvement, he said he though I only can do under 38s, but my timing is good and improve indeed!

After I run my sixth 200m, coach ask me run for last 300m..but I don’t understand since yesterday he said run for ten times,so i jog to 200m that line..hahaha..then coach shout at the other side ask me go run 300m,while I nod my head at the other side tunjuk him ok blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comI am ready to run 200m for seventh times(cant heard clearly what he said)..hahaha…after I reach finishing line, he said timing is good, so no need run so much so that we not over good, got DISCOUNT tak rugi I run so hard..hahaha..when 300m I still can do 61s,which is also quiet good for my level now..

After that train jumping with Karthik..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comhard..

but I will try my best..since it is the last event in SUKMA, and wont affect others event so I just have a try lor..神啊。。赐我力量啊。。


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