Tuesday, May 18, 2010

selangor open race

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- late late late!!!

5am gather at Wisma negeri Melaka, but wait people until around 5:45pm just depart. I from merlimau is the fartest but also can reach at 5am..so, u know how ‘good’ is our Melaka team de discipline lar. Besides that, every meeting time must be delay and wait this wait that for minimum 30min blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

- T.T

I feel very thankful and very touching as this Selangor open is held together with paralympic. feel very very touching when saw them running with such a condition..their spirit inspire me,I respect them.


Haha..only four people who take part..i did a very pai sei thing..because I run too fast at the beginning,and overtake by a girl after one round..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comrupa-rupanya,that girl is wakil sea game one,I lag her more than half round they laugh me say I scared gantimati( that girl’s name sound like this) at the beginning of the run..hehe…really pai sei


Feel very cuak when I saw the name list, got melinder kaur,got FTAAA,got wakil Penang,all three are Indian..sure very keng..mamatau..three of them din appear. Finally cancel ..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

-Stupid action

Cant find another stupid girl as Goh Li Ting in this world..she put the spike inside the plastic..when she is walking,she goyang the plastic and terkena her Paha..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.combleeding(a bit) and have three small hole at her paha..the next day,three hole look like black green..被扎到时,真是哑子吃黄莲有苦说不出。。blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

- heart bleeding Adidas

When karthik first event, he said top three got adidas shirt to get. So he get that shirt and very nice..but when my 1500m which is at afternoon, the shirt already habis! Nevermind lo…after that..the next day, before going back..zaheen them all dapat pula..and they din ask me go take it..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com看来我跟阿迪达无缘。。

-Thomas cup

These two day thomas cup final match being held at here..wow..it is very crowded and very excited when saw such big event..many of us sapu a lot of 100plus because one carton only RM7 with a blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com free gift- bottle with Dato lee chong wei sign.

Besides that, I had buy a Yonex sport skirt here,haha..very beautiful and I very like it..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


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