Wednesday, May 26, 2010

bye for a month

Bye to my blog for one month..because I got to go for sukma camp until sukma end..sob..sob..why Melaka torture us like this

this Friday have to check in for sukma camp, after check in I must cabut keluar, because Saturday will go to Singapore for adidas sundown marathon with kakithoner (although coach Vala strictly not allow me go..but..i bo bian).. then sunday will go shopping and walk KAO KAO with brother as

Today,蝴蝶教练眉头深锁,语重心长的对我说:take care ya~~~我想他们都很担心我在这么靠近sukma的时候还跑去race。。不过。。没办法,都报了名。。我也只好任性的去。蝴蝶教练,我会好好take care 的。


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