Friday, May 7, 2010


Today training 300m*10times at SRI KOTA (for those who don’t know, SRI KOTA is Melaka sport school oh!!…It is very crowded and full of young athlete who training here..although I said them young, but doesn’t mean that I m old k死不认老)

They are so keng lei..I feel the little girl also run faster than

Well,coach want my timing be under 60s.However, once again I fail to achieve the timing that set by coach… only first and second 300m I do 56s and 58s..after that. All between 61s-64s..FAIL!!!暴食西瓜泄愤)

Although a bit disappointed that I can’t achieve the timing, I still thankful and not so guilty because I manage to do all 10times (frankly, I got curi rest more than 60s,hmm..)

HOWEVER, GOH LI TING cannot be beat down by the negative mental




kakithon said...

wah..u so pandai to change blog template,till now i dunno hw change kakithon de T:T

ting said...

i go google search and copy nia..haha..but so far find this only one for running de..
i just find out a nice chat box ler..hahaha...nowadays feel very satisfy to learn these thing..

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