Saturday, May 1, 2010

St John Hill Run


I always saw people jogging curious about this place..


啊!!!久仰大名的St John. Hill 偶来啦!!!

Although it is 9am already..still got a lot of uncle aunty jogging (most of them are walking) here..




啊。。隔绝了城市的喧闹, 加上相当新鲜的空气 (虽然有几辆新加坡车驾上来破坏空气,可是好样的树儿们都快快的把那些废气往肚里吞)~~树啊。。委屈你们了。。外国人不懂事,你就大树有大量,原谅他们吧。。


Sorry for talking so much nonsense

Well, today I do down hill sliding as asked by coach Rama.

话说。。That day, when he ask me do downhill speed run at Saturday. I thought I listen wrongly and ask, “downhill or uphill??”

Sir laugh me and said..hehe..u never do downhill ah??is downhill, strengthen here (he tunjuk me at hamstring there) .

“Will it dangerous and cause injury?? ”

“ got a bit when u run,you must let your body go with the speed,dun TAHAN…(last time Zaheen had been injured very seriously because of tahan speed when downhill and cause otot koyak and cant go for sukma kedah).” Then coach got demonstrate how tapak kaki and how how..some of the technique kakithon geng had been taught me too.

So, I do as he taught me..

erm..actually I seem like quite (berlagak) cause everybody there is run slow slow or walk fast fast..i pula run like kena anjing kejar there…

而且!!最pai sei 是,



Although the scenery here is pretty good, still cant beat our UTM Balai Cerapan hill..because the distance only 10% of balai cerapan, cant run until half die, quarter die pun tak de..

And….dun have monkey

(抱歉,又说废话了 sorry it doesn’t matter with monkey)

After run, leg a bit pain..go back apply ice je lar..

Really thank God for this wonderful morning..after run, daddy and I go buy movie ticket for

Whatz a wonderful Saturday..

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comI got the feeling..That tonight gonna be a good night, thaz tonight gonna be a good good night..



Sheryl said...

first time visit ur blog, really feel like wanna hut u.. xuet cha, how u add so many emotions? haha.

ting said...

经过耐心的研究后才find out those emotion icon n make my blog more lively..haha..go blogger-emoticon there find ba ^^ that is great!!!

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