Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rain ∙ pyramid run

Today pyramid run, first time I training with spike ^^

Thanks God, today improves a lot. Coach very happy so I m very happy too .

Today performance as follow:

1000m : 3min 34s (wow,personal best oh)

Rest 7min (with the guide of coach, cant curi rest more, even 1second, when 6min 30s, he will ask us stand by there and tepat tepat 7min he will tekan his watch) 可能这就是何谓:‘严师出高徒’,当然那高徒不是我,是跟了蝴蝶教练三年的——卡迪

800m : 2min54s

Rest 5min

600m : 2min22s (not sure, sorry that my memory is terrible)

Rest 3min

400m : 85s (coach very happy and said, wah,good to see that u still can maintain this timing..his encourage give me confident)

Rest 2min

300m : 61s

Rest 90s

200m : 38s

Rest 60s actually, but I got rest 20s more =P

100m : 15s coach got very satisfy. First time he show me the satisfy face when see his trainee got improvement. blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comHe said I got run with confident..but..actually hor..i m very KIA and no confident de..when I run I keep praying for the strength from God to let me run without slow down till the finishing line..Halleluyah..!!

Besides that, coach scare that we will fall, so ask us eat vitamin and bath with hot water..

Tomorrow my 200m training is actually 40s de..but just now get adjust to 37s already..nevermind..i will try my best..

These three days also raining. Last Tuesday rain too heavy,so we do until my arm very pain at the next day. Wed actually is pyramid, but Narend and I give up and change to diagonal run. Today with better condition do pyramid ^^ thank God.



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